Woodburner Stove Installation in Coventry

Woodburning Stove Services

We are able to offer free and impartial advice when it comes to choosing the best stove for your home. If you have seen a stove online that you want fitting call us and we can arrange a free estimate and survey alternatively we can supply almost any brand of stove, including leading brands such as Woodwarm, Stovax, ACR, Dean Forge ,Carron, Charnwood, Contura ,Aga the list goes on. If you have a stove already and want it fitting safely so long as it carries a CE mark we are able to fit it..

Installation of wood burning stoves in an existing fireplace- we can install a suitable chimney liner or connect on to clay or concrete liners.

Wood burning stove installation without a suitable chimney or fireplace- we can help design and build a system to suit your home using twin wall insulated stainless steel.

Fitting bird guards, cowls or replacing damaged pots as well as capping of unused chimneys helping to prevent water ingress and stop heat leaking out of unused chimneys.

Maintenance –need a service, we can offer a chimney cleaning service from £50. Repairs to  wood burners can also be arranged, such as replacing broken firebricks or glass, re roping doors. Prices on request.  

Chimney Lining

We can advise you and install a safe and efficient chimney or flue system. We will always survey and advise you before installing a stove. Sometimes the existing flue is fine, sometimes a small modification may suffice. We will always advise and talk through our recommendations.

The important thing is to survey your property and match the type of work to the buildings requirements. We will always place safety first and this will include making sure the appliance and chimney have adequate access for sweeping & maintenance.

Twin Wall Stainless Steel

This method is ideal for a new chimney and where you need to install a chimney in a new build. The system is complete, has excellent systems to pass through roof spaces and simple access points to support and maintain the chimney.

Flexible Stainless Steel Liner

This is the ideal method for making a conventional chimney safer ,more efficient ,easier to light and service. High grade 316 or 904 stainless steel can withstand the gasses and acids produced by a slumbering fire. This is simple and easy to install even around curved and difficult flues.


We are main dealers for Woodwarm Stoves , Dean Forge , Carron , Stovax , Dovre ,ACR .

We work in Warwickshire and The Midlands in Coventry, Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Stratford upon Avon, Solihull, Knowle, Sutton Coldfield, Hinkeley , Nuneaton ,Kingsbury , Warwick and Birmingham